Site Planning

To some, the Green New Deal’s framework is far off and unattainable. This mixed-use development pushes those boundaries and shows what future developments can look like in the scope of decarbonization, justice, and job creation. The goals for this project are to create an equitable and accessible community, manage all stormwater generated on site with green stormwater infrastructure, utilize renewable energy resources, and promote biodiversity while increasing carbon storage. Five housing typologies are intermixed throughout the site to build equity and accommodate many socio-economic statuses. Housing units are also clustered in a way that allows access to shared greenspace. A series of bioswales and a large central retention pond is used to convey and store stormwater on site. Native wetland vegetation is used to enhance carbon storage in these areas as well. In conjunction with solar roofs, there are two solar fields that total one acre that provide access to renewable energy to all homes on site. These solar fields also act as rain gardens, providing even more carbon storage. Lastly, a bus rapid transit stop is implemented to enhance the accessibility of this neighborhood to surrounding job opportunities. All in all, this development is a great example of how we can use the Green New Deal to design communities for the future.