Project Details

A Step on the Flyway is a small community development that centers around ecological principles. Analysis of surrounding greenspace, sun and shade patterns, stormwater flows, and wind patterns were key to creating a sustainable design. This site sits within an impermeable matrix surrounded by a series of green patches. Because of this location, it is perfectly situated to be an ecological stepping stone for local songbirds and migratory birds from nearby flyways. Vegetation buffers are located on the North and West perimeters of the site to slow down and block harsh winter winds. A detention pond is located in the lowest elevation on site for stormwater collection, surrounded by a mix of slow and fast-growing tree species to maximize carbon storage. Vehicle and pedestrian circulation are carefully considered to minimize the urban heat island effect. It is equally important in the winter to maximize sun exposure to aid in snow melt and create comfortable spaces for residents. All vegetation on site is selected to provide habitat and food resources for the bird populations as well. This development is the perfect balance of addressing human comfort and needs, as well as being an ecologically sustainable site.